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Cusheen White Toilet Tissue Paper 60 Rolls with Cusheen Lavender Toilet Spray 500ml


Cusheen has created the Quilted and Lavender Pack. Including Cusheen's 3 Ply toilet tissues which are fully absorbent and gentle on skin as well as their Lavender toilet spray which helps odour removal, while leaving the bathroom fresh and fragrant.
    1. 60 rolls per pack (5 packs of 12 rolls)
    2. Quilted 3 ply toilet paper rolls 
    3. 155 sheets per roll, 1860 sheets per 12 pack, 9300 sheets per 60 pack
    4. Approx. sheet size 105mm x 115mm
    5. Made in the UK with sustainably-sourced virgin fibre
    6. Lavender Anti-Bacterial Toilet Cleaner 500ml 

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Type: Toilet Roll

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